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Personalized care plan for each and every resident.

Our care plans and the services we provide our residents are designed to improve outcomes and enhance their lives. What this means for us is helping our residents live their life to the fullest while creating a family atmosphere that promotes self-respect and independence.

In general, we offer services centered around assistance, support, and guidance such as physical assistance, instruction, prompting, and modeling. On the area of self-care, we offer health maintenance, decision-making, home and personal resources management, communication, mobility and transportation, relationship development and socialization such as personal adjustment, participating in community functions and activities, and using community resources, among others.

Additionally, specific goals are developed for each of our resident based on their strengths and needs. This is along with the basic training provided for their daily living needs which includes communication, meal preparation, laundry, socialization, and recreational skill development.

The major services we offer include, but are not limited to, the following:

Allow us to be part of your support team by enlisting our services. Please reach us at 412-871-0251 for more information.